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cSound GE Healthcare has significantly advanced image quality, performance, quantification and workflow with the introduction of software cSound beamformer platform. The ultra-high element density XDclear probes, combined with cSound beamformer technology deliver exceptional 2D image quality enabling you quickly and easily acquire diagnostic images with confidence and most often without contrast.
TTE Transthoracic Echocardiography probes.
TEE Transesophageal Echocardiography probes.
ICE Intracardiac Echocardiography probes
Flow quantification
AI Auto Measure Spectrum Recognition AI Semi-automatic selection of appropriate spectral Doppler measurement tool.
Blood Speckle Imaging (BSI) Insights into complex blood flow patterns such as vortex formation and duration.
Cardiac Auto Doppler AI Semi-automatic Cardiac Doppler measurements.
Valve quantification
4D Auto TVQ Automated 4D tool enables fast visualization and quantification of the tricuspid valve anatomy.
4D Auto AVQ Automated segmentation, alignment and quantification of the aortic outflow tract – vital to device sizing and orientation for TAVI/TAVR procedures.
4D Auto MVQ Supporting TEE images, this integrated package helps visualize and quantify the mitral valve via a semi-automatic, surface-detecting algorithm.
Chamber quantification
AI Auto Measure 2D AI Automated LV dimension measurements (2D calipers) in the parasternal long axis view, reducing manual interactions.
Auto EF AI Powered by AI-based View Recognition, Auto EF provides semi-automated quantification of left ventricular volumes and ejection fraction.
4D Auto LAQ This semi-automatic surface detecting algorithm helps clinical users get fast, reproducible and accurate 4D quantification of the left atrium, acquired with 4D TTE probes. It provides left atrial volumes as well as ejection fraction, global longitudinal and circumferential strain.
AutoEF with Optional ECG Auto EF with Optional ECG provides improved patient comfort and time saving by eliminating the need to attach and tear-down ECG electrodes
4D Auto RVQ This package helps visualize and quantify the right ventricle in TTE images via a semi-automatic, surface-detecting algorithm. It’s seamlessly integrated into the regular M&A menu, with results ready for immediate review.
4D Auto LVQ Adapted to work with full volume data sets acquired with the 4D TEE transducer, 4D Auto LVQ for TEE brings you a fast, easy, two-click method of placing points to define the initial endocardial border.
AFI functional imaging
AFI LV AI Powered by AI-based View Recognition, AFI LV provides semi-automated quantification of left ventricular global and segmental strain.
AFI RV AFI RV is a novel tool to assess the right ventricular function by advanced speckle tracking echocardiography.
AFI LA AFI LA Strain is a novel method to assess the left atrial function allowing global strain to be measured using speckle tracking echocardiography.
AFI Stress AI Quantify wall motion at all stress levels. Integrated as part of a stress exam, AFI Stress protocols acquire standard apical 2D views and quantify both longitudinal segmental and global strain for contractility assessment at each stress level. Bullseye from the different stress levels can then be easily compared.
MyoCardialWork Using new and reduced load dependent parameters, Myocardial Work may provide more accurate and reproducible results, important especially for follow-up of patients over time. The new parameters are based upon the results obtained with AFI (longitudinal strain), as well as the MV and AV opening and closure times. Scan Assist Pro: Scan Assist Pro protocols assist you throughout each step of an exam or protocol and let the system guide you to the next view, mode and measurements, as well as annotations, helping enhance image acquisition consistency and helping reduce the number of keystrokes.
Visualization & navigation
FlexiLight Rendering technique for photo-realistic light-source based illumination of heart structures.
HD Color 4D color flow rendering technique for semi-transparent visualization of origin and size of high velocity jets.
CT Fusion Cost effective and vendor independent solution for live co-registered navigation in 4D ultrasound and CT data.
View-X See X-ray from fluoroscopy in real time right on your Vivid E95 Ultra Edition screen as a picture in picture, facilitating communication between team members.
4D Markers Make annotations that are viewable from all angles on 4D ultrasound volume data sets and their 2D views, facilitating communication in the echo lab, cath lab and OR.
FlexiSlice With a distance gauge and two viewing layouts, this interactive tool for obtaining 2D or render views in live or replay mode may provide enhanced insight as well as save time.
FlexiViews Gain quick access to predefined 4D/multiplane views during live mode, potentially reducing scan time during complex interventional procedures.
Vmax Vmax enabled by cSound offers ultra-high 4D volume rates acquired in single beat acquisitions. Elimination of ECG gated multi-beat acquisitions provides enhanced overview of structures and function in cases with irregular heart rhythms. Requires current cSound version.
Scan Assist Scan Assist Pro protocols assist you throughout each step of an exam or protocol and let the system guide you to the next view, mode and measurements, as well as annotations, helping enhance image acquisition consistency and helping reduce the number of keystrokes.
Curved Anatomical M-Mode View Anatomical color and tissue velocity in M-mode. Adjust the cursor at any plane, in live imaging or with recalled images.
Smart stress Over 17 imaging parameters from each plane can be saved and recalled at each stress level, reducing system adjustments during acquisition.
LVO Contrast Benefit from high-resolution detection of contrast in the LV cavity with LVO Contrast and excellent suppression of myocardial tissue signals on the Vivid T9 Ultra Edition new Coded Phase Inversion (CPI).
Blood Flow Imaging Enhance blood flow dynamics visualization using a signal-processing algorithm for visualizing blood flow data.
eDelivery Get automated software updates with eDelivery along with safety patches enabled by remote software download. Your system stays up-to-date, making it more reliable.
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