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Cardiac Auto Doppler Save to Digital Badge

Semi-automatic Cardiac Doppler measurements.


  • Enhances reproducibility of follow-up studies when used in automated mode1
  • Offers Doppler measurement in multiple cardiac cycles as recommended by guidelines for irregular heart rhythms2,3
  • Supports less experienced users with advanced automation
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Cardiac Auto Doppler
AI Auto Measure Spectrum Recognition
1. Based on results of time and motion study conducted by GE “JB49055XX - Cardiac Auto Doppler”; study results indicated time savings related productivity increase up to ~8 on an annual basis for a facility per sonographer

2. European Association of Echocardiography recommendations for standardization of performance, digital storage and reporting of echocardiographic studies (Eur Journal of Echo 2008 – Evangelista, Badano, Monaghan, Zamorano, Lancellotti)

3. Recommendations for Quantification of Doppler Echocardiography: A Report From the Doppler Quantification Task Force of the Nomenclature and Standards Committee of the American Society of Echocardiography (JASE 2002)